For 76 years, The San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge (known locally as the Bay Bridge) has been a complex of bridges spanning San Francisco Bay of the U.S. state of California. It has connected communities and has been part of a skyline for decades but now the eastern span is coming down. The Bay Bridge has undergone an eastern span replacement that is a construction project that will replace an unsafe cantilever portion of the Bay Bridge with a new self-anchored suspension bridge (SAS) and a pair of viaducts. With the new span recently open and the old bridge about to be ripped apart and shipped off to steel and concrete recycling plants around the world, a growing number of people want a piece of the old Bay Bridge. At least two groups of artists and architects have mounted campaigns to spare some of the steel from the recyclers so that they can transform it into artworks that might include a home, a public gathering space and an Airbnb rental space – with a view of the new Bay Bridge. To see some ideas about reusing steel from the old Bay Bridge, go to and Read entire article at