Construction workers have uncovered an ancient mammoth tusk while digging at a site in Seattle’s South Lake Union area. Crews digging plumbing trenches smacked into the tusk some 40 feet below ground level in Seattle’s downtown South Lake Union district. The workers quickly called the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, which has verified the discovery, saying it’s confident that the tusk dates back to the ice age. The museum said since the tusk was found on private property, it’s up to the landowner to decide what to do with it, but posited the discovery as a “rare opportunity to directly study Seattle’s ancient natural history.”According to the museum, the ancient elephant relatives lived in Washington until approximately 10,000 years ago and their fossils have been found throughout western Washington. “We find bones that are hundreds of millions of years old — to find something that’s 15,000 years, that’s a blink in geological time,” geologist David Williams said. Read the entire article on