Underground Railroad Room & Speakeasy Discovered

Demolition crew discovers two possible time periods in Middletown, PA: Underground Railroad Tunnel / Speakeasy During Prohibition Era.

Workers demolishing a home on the corner of Fisher and Ann Streets in Middletown discovered an underground room. No one can confirm what it might have been used for, or how old it is. There’s speculation it could have been a speakeasy or a stop along the Underground Railroad.


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Seattle Construction Workers Unearth Mammoth Tusk

Construction workers have uncovered an ancient mammoth tusk while digging at a site in Seattle’s South Lake Union area. Crews digging plumbing trenches smacked into the tusk some 40 feet below ground level in Seattle’s downtown South Lake Union district. The workers quickly called the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, which has verified the discovery, saying it’s confident that the tusk dates back to the ice age. (more…)

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