Demolition crew discovers two possible time periods in Middletown, PA: Underground Railroad Tunnel / Speakeasy During Prohibition Era.

Workers demolishing a home on the corner of Fisher and Ann Streets in Middletown discovered an underground room. No one can confirm what it might have been used for, or how old it is. There’s speculation it could have been a speakeasy or a stop along the Underground Railroad.

The large, underground brick room was unearthed while contractors were clearing “rubbish” out of the area near the intersection of Ann Street and Fisher Avenue after demolishing a home, according to contractor Dick Olszewski, owner of Swatara Contractors. The clearing out was at the request of the owner of the property.

Robin Pelligrini, a Historical Society Trustee, said archaeological experts can date the bricks used to build the room based on the materials used to create the bricks. That could give experts a better idea of when the room was built, and therefore to figure out what exactly it was built for.

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