Safety Check List

  • Always check lifting chains before operating magnet.
  • Be sure to check all connections and plugs regularly. Ensure all connections are tight so that they do not short out.
  • Check the condition of the cables regularly for cracks or breaks, replace if necessary.
  • Never place hands inside the control box while operating. The control
    box produces high current and voltage which can be fatal.
  • Service should be done by qualified personnel to prevent any life threatening injuries.
  • Lockout/Tagout procedures must be developed, followed, and enforced for equipment maintenance/servicing.
  • Designate a no travel zone around crane to protect pedestrians and equipment.
  • Do not use magnet to break scrap.
  • Store magnets off ground to prevent moisture absorption.
  • Always use a 3 point contact to dismount a crane.
  • If so equipped, always use outriggers when operating magnet crane.
  • Operators must be cautious of tipping when overloading magnet or
    booming out too far.
  • Remember to cut away from your body when repairing leads.
    WARNING: Electric Magnets can cause severe injury or death.
    Never stand near or under the magnet while in operation.
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