Cranes have become a staple in numerous industries, but many of those who use cranes forget about using an electromagnet as an attachment. Continue reading to learn some of the different uses of electromagnets in cranes.

Applicable in several industries

Without a doubt, the biggest advantage of electromagnets on cranes is their versatility. Electromagnets allow industries like scrap yards to work at a much more efficient rate, and in turn, help them increase profits. Of course, electromagnets get their fair share of use in everyday industries like manufacturing, automotive, and construction. However, they’re also common in other industries you may not have thought of, like shipbuilding and aviation.

Lift materials at a more efficient rate

Of course like many other magnets, crane operators are able to lift extremely heavy items with ease. For instance, in an automotive or scrap yard setting, operators may need to lift an entire vehicle or stacks of sheet metal. In other words, an electromagnet is going to make otherwise impossible tasks possible at a much more efficient rate and help you increase profits in no time.

Maintaining control

Electromagnets are an excellent addition to any company’s crane attachment arsenal, as it gives the company and operator full control during storage and operation. For instance, since electromagnets require a power source to activate the magnetism, storage is much easier because you won’t have to worry about keeping the magnet away from potentially ferrous materials. In addition, when the crane operator is maneuvering materials, electromagnets provide superior strength to ensure the safest and most efficient day-to-day operations.

Whether you’re the owner of a scrap yard, manufacturing facility, or any other industry that uses crane magnets, you can rest assured electromagnets will work for you. As you’ve seen, there are different uses of electromagnets in cranes, and you’ll begin to see productivity skyrocket. However, before you can invest in an electromagnet, you must ensure you’re putting your resources in high-quality equipment.

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