24-Volt Scrap Yard Electromagnets

Features of the Moley Mag II (ESB)

• No Generator Needed – scrapyard electromagnet system runs on a 24-volt battery
• New Heavy Duty 32″ Deep Wound Magnet Available
• New Heavy Duty Steel Enclosure
• Simpler & More Reliable Mag Control System
• Optional Pistol Grip Controller
• Various Sizes Available (18″, 26″, 32″, 36″, 40″ & 48″)
• Simple to Install
• Extremely Dependable
• Inexpensive to Acquire

Product description

No generator is needed to power the strong & efficient Moley Mag II (ESB).

The ESB line of 24-volt scrap magnets from Moley Magnetics provides exceptional functionality to scrap yards and loading facilities. Our battery powered scrapyard electromagnets are ideal for scrap and demo industries. This magnet is the least expensive magnet while still offering a very strong magnetic field. It offers all the power you would expect from a scrap yard magnet without the hassle of a generator. These systems are designed to be compatible with either 12-volt or 24-volt vehicle charging systems. They are also ideally suited for scrap applications where a high duty cycle is needed. Due to their unique design, our 24-volt scrap magnets don’t get hot and lose lifting ability.