24-Volt Scrap Yard Electromagnets

Features of the Moley Mag II

• No Generator Needed – System Runs Off of 24-Volt Battery
• New Heavy Duty 32″ Deep Wound Magnet Available
• New Heavy Duty Steel Enclosure
• Simpler & More Reliable Mag Control System
• Optional Pistol Grip Controller
• Various Sizes Available (18″, 26″, 32″, 36″, 40″ & 48″)
• Simple to Install
• Extremely Dependable
• Inexpensive to Acquire

Product description

No generator is needed to power the strong & efficient Moley Mag II (ESB).

The ESB line of 24-volt electromagnets from Moley Magnetics provides exceptional functionality to scrap yards and loading facilities. Our scrap magnets are great for yards looking to unload trucks/trailers and keep the yard clean. This magnet is the least expensive magnet while still offering a very strong magnetic field. It offers all the power you would expect from a scrap yard magnet without the hassle of a generator. These systems are designed to be compatible with either 12-volt or 24-volt vehicle charging systems. They are also ideally suited for scrap applications where a high duty cycle is needed. Due to their unique design, our 24-volt electromagnets don’t get hot and lose lifting ability.


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