Machines make our lives easier and the machinery you purchase for your business is essential in keeping the workday efficient. Your wire granulator is no different than any other large piece of equipment you own to ease the metal recycling process. Keep reading this article on when to replace your wire granulator machine to take care of all your business assets.

What Is a Wire Granulator?

A wire granulator works to separate copper wire from the plastic, which eases the process of recycling this scrap metal. The three main functions of a wire granulator are:

  • Feeding: Load the insulated wire into the machine.
  • Shredding: It turns the wire and insulation into small pieces.
  • Separation: The machine separates the copper and plastic.

These incredible assets separate copper from plastic using a combination of air, gravity, and vibration. Wire granulators also produce little pollution, making for an eco-friendlier business; additionally, they allow you to recycle copper and plastic.

Replacing Your Wire Granulator

When repairs become frequent or too expensive, it’s time to shop around for a new machine. Another way of knowing when to replace your wire granulator machine depends on its efficiency. Once tools and machinery pass a certain age, breakage is normal. At Moley, our granulators use a combination of air, gravity, and weight to separate copper from plastic or wire.

Tips To Buying Your Wire Granulator

When you purchase an asset like this for your business, it’s important you buy a suitable granulator, which depends on:

  • Types of wire you plan to shred
  • How often you’ll use the granulator
  • How much the machine costs
  • The separation rate of the granulator

By considering all these criteria, you make finding the right granulator for your business simple. And who doesn’t want that? Take the time you need to shop for a replacement to prevent any hasty purchases, and don’t wait until your granulator completely breaks before buying a replacement.

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