We all know that recycling at home is important for the environment, yet so many of us neglect that responsibility in our workplaces. Furthermore, industrial workplaces handle materials that we should always recycle. One of the most common materials is metal, so continue reading to learn why it’s important to recycle metal.

Reduces emissions

The process of making metals is extremely harmful to the environment, as it creates gas emissions that take years to go away. Not to mention, the process of finding raw materials through operations such as mining can result in significant pollution. According to the World Steel Association, in 2018 alone, 1.85 tons of CO2 were emitted for every ton of steel produced. Recycling metal significantly reduces harmful emissions and long-term environmental impact.

Conserves natural energy

Recycling metals will have significant benefits to the environment in terms of natural resources. For instance, the EPA stated that recycling steel and tin cans can save up to 74 percent of the energy used to produce them from raw materials. In addition, reusing postconsumer materials will significantly increase the efficiency of manufacturing all while helping the environment.

Significant economic value

Many of us forget that recycling our metals––especially in industrial settings––employs millions of workers. Not to mention, the United States earns revenue by exporting most of its metal. In fact, a large amount of jobs and GDP growth all stem from the steel industry. Additionally, small businesses have realized that they can earn revenue by selling their old metal to local scrap yards.

You may be the owner of one of those scrap yards, and more individuals are recognizing they can earn decent money by selling to scrap yards. Especially when they realize how important it is to recycle metal.That said, to keep up with higher demand, you’re going to need the equipment—one of those pieces of equipment being industrial-grade magnets.

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