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Permanent and Electromagnetic Magnetic Separators from Moley Magnets are available in a variety of designs.  Whether your product is gravity fed through pipes and chutes, loosely transported on conveyors and/or pumped through pipelines, Moley Magnets has the magnetic separation solution.  Materials such as nails, rust, scale, bolts, welding rods and other contaminants are no match for Moley Magnets Separators.

Cross Belt Magnets
They separate automatically ferrous pieces mixed with non-magnetic materials (foundry ground, coal, lignite, other materials, clinker, garbage, fertilizers, etc.) that are moved by a conveyor belt, by a vibrant feeder, by slides and so on.

MoleyCrossBeltMagnets • Easy Maintenance.
• Ability to operate under heavy–duty and continuous use.
• Heavy-duty drive packages, over-sized shafts and bearings provide greater reliability and longer service.



Head Pulley Magnets
The magnetic pulleys are used for the automatic separation of little and medium sizes ferrous pieces (for very little ferrous pieces the use of magnetic drums is better). The pulleys pick up the ferrous pieces that are closer to the band. When there is a thick layer of material and an accurate separation is required it is advised the combined use: magnetic band SEO-SMO and magnetic pulley.

Moley head pulley Magnets• Shipped ready to install.
• No need for an external power source, extra mounting hardware or special maintenance.
• Immediately after installation, it begins removing metal from your product stream.
• With or without lagging.



Drum Magnets
Moley Drum Magnets are projected for heavy duty industry work environment and exposed to weather. They separate automatically ferrous pieces mixed with non-magnetic materials (proller, foundry slag, thermovalorization ash, garbage, etc.).

MoleyDrumMagnet• Magnet adjustment arm
• Heavy duty ferrous separation
• Available in diameters from 36″ to 72″ and widths from 36″ to 120″.



Plate Magnets
Our magnetic plates are the simplest and cheapest equipment for the protection of the installations of crushing and milling. The permanent magnet provides the following advantages: no consumption of energy, constant magnetic field, no maintenance and possibility to work in any place.

Moley plate magnets• Can be installed in chutes, feed tables or over conveyor belts.
• Choose magnet strengths and sizes to match your requirements.
• Hinged plates swing out for easy cleaning.
• Self-cleaning models save downtime and labor.


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