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No Generator  Needed!

Our line of battery powered ESB magnets have been designed specifically to meet the needs of our customers.  These heavy duty robust magnets are conveniently easy to install and are our most economical magnet systems on the market.

Click here:  2022 Moley Magnetics – Battery Magnets

Heavy-Duty Lifting & Excavator Magnet Attachments

At Moley Magnetics we build and sell the magnets you need. Our quality is unsurpassed, and we offer the greatest variety of electromagnets available in North America.

The scrap and demolition industries have many unique and demanding applications for excavator magnet systems. The high cycle times demand a system that is durable and dependable. Moley Magnetics offers a variety of different styles of Scrap & Demolition Magnets that are designed for top operational efficiency and lasting durability. Using a lifting magnet attachment to gather only the material you want to load is an effective, inexpensive tool that can help increase profits.

Our Magnets are:

  • Tough: Unequaled craftsmanship; the welding and machining of our excavator magnets is world class.
  • Priced Right: Best value on the market.
  • Versatile: We have magnets for every budget and most applications.

If you have any questions about our lifting magnet attachment offerings or you require professional service, contact us today to learn what we can do to help.

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