Concrete Pulverizers

Features of Moley Concrete Pulverizers:

• The reversed cylinder is used to protect the rod from rebar damage
• Both the fixed and rotating concrete pulverizers are equipped with blades for cutting rebar
• The upper and lower jaws have easy change replaceable teeth and wear parts
• The Pulverizers have powerful cylinders with speed valves for maximum efficiency

Product description

The upper and lower jaws have easy changeable and replaceable teeth.

Concrete Pulverizers are jaw-like attachments that have several hardened teeth to break concrete and rock. While a pulverizer is mainly used for demolition, scrap recyclers can use them to break up reinforced concrete to get at the rebar. The Moley Concrete Pulverizers come with over sized pins and bushings along with parts that are heat treated for maximum wear life, and tines should be heavy duty. Our Rotating Pulverizers have the ability to rotate continuously – through 360°, which makes it easier to carry out demolitions in all conditions, and ensures that the material can be held firmly in the pulverizer’s jaws.

Our Concrete Pulverizers have strengthened cylinder with speed valves to improve performance and to ensure fast cycle times. This cylinder mounting is reversed in order to eliminate damage to the stem caused from the continuous contact against re-bar. All the structural parts inside the crushing area are protected by interchangeable wear parts featuring rapid and easy changes.