The CSR Stokkermill shredders are suitable for processing:

  • Tires
  • Aluminum waste of all types with ferrous parts
  • Copper / aluminum radiators with ferrous parts
  • Electric and electronic waste (WEEE) with the presence of ferrous parts
  • Copper / aluminum electric cables with ferrous parts (plugs, connectors, etc.)
  • Industrial waste
  • Oil filters
  • Waste from plastic materials
  • Paper, cardboard and wood waste

Product description

The single-shaft industrial shredders CSR allow the grinding and the volumetric reduction of tenacious materials and electronic industrial waste and can be driven by electric or hydraulic power units.

The classifier screens, available in different sizes, allow to obtain the required size at the first step. The electronically controlled hydraulic power box and rotation inversion system allow to optimize the production parameters according to the material to be treated.

The CSR series industrial shredders can be connected to granulators for recycling cables and radiators of the TURBO and Multi-Flex Turbo Zig-Zag series or, alternatively, they can perform the function of the primary roughing machine to increase the productivity of already existing lines.

Power55 kW75 kW
Weight5500 kg8000 kg
Dimensions1800x2400x2500 mm2400x3000x2500 mm