Fields of use of the MFS shredder-refiner:

  • Tire recycling
  • Recycling of materials deriving from the demolition of vehicles
  • Aluminum scrap recycling
  • Waste treatment from the CSR – ASR – Zurik – Zorba crushing processes
  • Recycling of electrical and electronic materials (WEEE)
  • Electric cables – also of considerable diameter, armored cables, cables with the presence of ferrous parts
  • Oil filters
  • Refrigerators
  • Industrial waste

Product description

The MFS series industrial refiners-shredders are extremely versatile machines that allow to check the size of the material in output thanks to the presence of the sorting grid. MFS can therefore be used both as primary shredders for the first reduction of material (reinforced copper and aluminum cables with the presence of ferrous parts, vehicle tires, scrap of electrical and electronic equipment, vehicle parts, etc.), or for further refining of materials already treated (crushing waste, ASR – car fluff – Zurik – Zorba) destined for valorization. The cutting chamber can be easily reached thanks to the hydraulic opening system (both of the loading hopper and of the grid support) for the adjustment of the blades and maintenance activities. The robust construction, the overall weight of the machine and the use of high quality materials guarantee reliability, ease of use and low running and maintenance costs.

MFS 800/260MFS 1200/400
Power45 kW90 kW
Rotor800 x 260 mm – 200 rpm1200 x 400 mm – 200 rpm
Weight2000 kg12500 kg
Dimensions1730x1700x2000 mm2000x2400x3200 mm