The field of use of the C series hydraulic shredders is very wide:

  • Metal profiles
  • Tires (PFU)
  • Aluminum waste of all types with ferrous parts
  • Copper/aluminum radiators with ferrous parts
  • Electric and electronic waste (WEEE) with the presence of ferrous parts
  • Copper/aluminum electric cables with ferrous parts
  • Armored cables in general
  • Industrial waste
  • Municipal solid waste (MSW)

Product description

The hydraulic pre-grinders of the C series allow grinding and volumetric reduction of tough materials and are made with hydraulic transmission. The selection grids, available in different sizes, allow to obtain the desired size straightaway at the first step. The electronically controlled hydraulic power box and rotation inversion system allow to optimize the production parameters according to the material to be treated.

C 160C 200C 280
Power150 kW250 kW400 kW
Rotor1600 x 550 mm2000 x 700 mm2800 x 800 mm
Weight13000 kg20000 kg30000 kg
Dimensions4000 x 4500 x 3200 mm5000 x 4900 x 3900 mm5400 x 4900 x 3900 mm