The Stokkermill densimetric separation tables have a wide range of use in the recycling and recovery of the following materials:

  • Electric cables
  • Plastic materials
  • Wood
  • WEEE – electrical and electronic equipment
  • PCB electronic boards
  • Enhancement of crushing waste: ASR – car fluff – Zurik – Zorba

Product description

The densimetric separation tables from the VT series allow the separation of materials with different relative specific weight.

The densimetric tables are equipped with systems for adjusting the vibration frequency, table inclination and airflow pressure, guaranteeing high levels of purity of the separated materials.

The Stokkermill densimetric tables can be supplied with a pneumatic conveying system, cyclone and dosing starter valve and process dust suction filter

VT-3000 STDVT-5000 STDVT-10000 STDVT-15000 STD
Power4 kW5,5 kW7,5 kW10 kW
Dimensions1500x1750x1800 mm1500x1850x1800 mm1600x1900x2000 mm2600x2050x2200 mm
Weight700 kg1100 kg1500 kg1800 kg