The Stokkermill Eddy Current separators are made in different sizes according to the needs of the end-user and are characterized by:

  • low operating costs
  • limited maintenance
  • reliability and precision of operation

Product description

Eddy Current separators by Stokkermill enable to recover the metal fraction (indicatively from 1 mm to 300 mm) sorting from the final stream in a recycling process. The Eddy Current separators have an extremely wide field of use and they can separate small non-ferrous metal particles. A magnetic rotor is placed inside a conveyor belt which, by turning at high speed, creates a considerable induced current field which moves the non-ferrous metal particles with low electrical conductivity away from the material flow

EC 1000EC 1500
Work plan950 mm1450 mm
Power5,5 kW7 kW
Dimensions3100 x 1674 x 653 mm4100 x 2180 x 750 mm
Weight980 kg1500 kg