The VB circular vibrating screens are created as a response to the need of improving the quality and homogeneity of the products involved in the recovery, recycling and separation operations. The VB circular vibrating screens allow to sieve, classify, de-dust and filter a vast range of materials.

The VB vibrating screens are characterized by the simplicity and speed with which the type of vibrating movement can be varied and, consequently, the behavior of the material to be sieved; by applying an inverter it is possible to quickly change and adjust the vibration speed.

The vibrating screens require extremely reduced maintenance and cleaning, while the replacement of screens, available in different sizes depending on the product to be processed, is particularly easy and quick.

On each vibrating screen, 1 to 4 separation stages can be installed and thus 2 to 5 fractions of product can be obtained.

The VB vibrating screens are available in diameters ranging from 600 to 1800 mm in the standard version.

Larger vibrating screens are made to customer specific request.

Power1,1 kW1,1 kW1,1 kW2,2 kW
Dimensions600x600x1100 mm900x900x1100 mm1200x1200x1100 mm1800x1800x1100 mm
Weight300 kg400 kg500 kg600 kg