The Stokkermill SS100 separator is able to separate stainless steel particles from pre-treated materials, particularly in the recycling and valorization of electrical and electronic materials (WEEE), car fluff (ASR), Zurik and Zorba and crushing residues.

The SS100 separator is also used in the field of plastic recycling and regeneration, where it is very important to eliminate metal and ferrous impurities to safeguard the extrusion and molding processes.

The SS100 is available in different sizes and magnetic field strengths and can be cascade-configured where extremely high output purity standards are required. The high coercive force of SS100 allows the separation of small stainless steel parts in the order of 3-5mm.

Sizes1200 x 2200 x 2000 mm
Weight1000 kg
Power2 kW
Drum size630 x 40 mm