Stokkermill makes cable stripper systems to quickly remove the insulation from the metal part in copper or aluminum cables. Characteristic of the Stokkermill cable stripper is the adoption of rotating blades which, unlike knife blades, have an unlimited duration. The ST1600 cable stripper is an essential but high quality machine equipped with a simple but effective rotary blade adjustment system. ST1600 is suitable for working cables with diameters from 2 mm to 60 mm.

The ST33100 cable stripper is made with two different cutting systems in relation to the size and quality of the material to be treated.

Cables up to 30-40 mm in diameter are pulled by a rotating blade and the pressure generated on the counter blade guarantees a precise and continuous cut. Larger diameter cables are processed by two opposing rotating blades. The double cut made on the insulating material makes it very easy and effortless to remove the metal within it.

The ease of adjustment of the blades and the cutting speed guarantee high productions without tiring the operator.

ST-1600ST-33100ST-57100 for armoured cables
Power1,1 kW – single phase2,2 kW4,5 kW
Cable sizes2 - 60 mm2 - 100 mm30-150 mm
Weight55 kg200 kg2100 kg
Dimensions380x380x520 mm860x810x1600 mm2550x2150x1700mm